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KaiAmea Therapy

What is it?

  1. A non contact energy therapy which realigns the aura and chakra system.
  2. Helps release blocked energy and balancing the mind, body and spirit
  3. Provides tailored ‘Self Help Tools’ to empower and help you move forward.

What does KaiAmea Therapy do?

People have sought help from Kay for a spectrum of specific physical, emotional and stress related issues, or more broadly because they are aspiring to develop their awareness and feel more ‘at one’ within their life. Kay tailors therapy sessions for each individual depending on their concerns and needs. As such it is hard to quantify exactly ‘what’ you are going to get out of a KaiAmea Therapy session as you are unique too!

The following provides some common experiences of Kay’s clients:

  • Freedom from tension and stress
  • Boost the immune system
  • Deep relaxation, feelings of calm and well-being
  • Optimal physical health and vitality: balancing systems of the body
  • Freedom from self limitation
  • Understanding learnt perceptions and how they create your reality
  • Breaking free from restriction, fear and limiting behaviour patterns
  • Feeling secure & confident in yourself
  • Discover your potential

From £45.00

KaiAmea Crystal and Floral Therapy

As with KaiAmea Therapy, a non contact energy therapy which realigns the aura and chakra system, involving the application of new and traditional techniques using the properties of crystals.

Resonance Therapy

An intense energy session that helps to remove deep set emotional blocks and programming that prevent a client from experiencing life to its full potential

KaiAmea Inner Child Work and Regression

An energy session geared to aiding the client recognise and release past experiences and traumas which have resulted in restrictive behaviour patterns and limiting perceptions.

Aura Illustration and Interpretation

A study of your own energy field and interpretation of its colours. Provides insight into your life and how you can become more complete and in balance…

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