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Aura Illustration and Interpretation

What is it?

Energy vibrates as colour and sound. The energy of your body, emotions and thoughts extends around your body as colours within your aura.

What does aura illustration do?

An aura illustration identifies blocks of colour that are stagnant. These indicate deep set experiences, emotions and thought patterns that have become restrictive and weigh you down.

How can it help me?

The Illustration draws your attention to what is holding you back. The interpretation incorporates Self Help tools which you can apply to process and balance these stagnant energies. Identifying and changing what is holding you back can:

  • free you up and help you to move forward in your life
  • enrich your life experiences.

How do I get my aura illustration & interpretation?

You can have your aura drawn one to one or it can be done distantly if you prefer.

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