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How is it delivered?

  1. For Key Stage 1 Themes and Values are brought to life through interactive stories and picture boards especially designed and written to explore empathy and the emotions and human values they contain. Children are encouraged to become involved with the story and explore characters different perspectives on the situation depicted. Activities include ‘talk time’ in groups to discuss the emotions portrayed.
  2. Children then ‘act out’ the story with Laughter Yoga Techniques that have been specifically designed to relate to the story and its characters. This provides the opportunity for the children to ‘fizz’ and as such release strain and tension from individuals and the class as a whole.
  3. KaiAmea Self Help Strategies to ‘Calm’ are then explored. Children are encouraged to try different relaxation techniques to:
    a)  learn how to relax and unwind.
    b)  bring the class to a calm and peaceful place.
  4. Children then undertake art activities based on Art Therapy Techniques to further explore and process their own emotions and conclude the session.

Follow on activities

Activities include: art, literacy and drama.

Thought for the week

Check the web site weekly for the KaiAmea Learning To Live quote. Designed to:

  • Inspire self reflection.
  • Promote a positive outlook.
  • Promote discussion on repercussions of behaviour on experiences.

What does it cover?

Each KaiAmea Learning To Live session covers the five Social, Emotional, Aspects to Learning (SEAL) with a strong emphasis on empathy and awareness of self and others.

Learning To Live sessions also include extensive coverage of the themes and values within PHSCE. Kay has produced an extensive range of stories and lesson plans for Key Stage 1 and is continuously developing more material.

Examples of themes covered include:

  • Honesty
  • Helping
  • Practice!
  • Keeping Promises
  • Working Together
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Being Yourself
  • Manners!
  • Equality
  • New Things!
  • Going For Dreams
  • Saying No To Bullying

…and more

Fitting to your school’s needs

Schools have the option to select which PHSCE Themes and values they wish to address when booking KaiAmea Learning To Live Sessions. Kay can work with the school in tailoring the Learning To Live Programme to:

  • Incorporate the specific curriculum of the school for the academic year or term.
  • Address specific issues or concerns of the school.
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