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Hands on PHSCE & SEAL

Tools for life: self help strategies

Path to happiness, confidence & self esteem

Have you ever wanted answers? A way forward? A way out?
What if there was such a way? What if you had been taught this at school?

How would your life have been different? They deserve to know…

KaiAmea – Learn to Live!




Also, the day after the KaiAmea Anna had her swimming lesson (now she's not very keen or confident with swimming at all!!!) And she came home with her 20m badge, then the next week she came home with her 25m badge and was moved up to the next group! (She's now in penguins rather than octopus). Her swimming teacher said 'she's done really well, it's like something's just clicked with her in the last couple of weeks'. Absolutely amazing!!!
'...such energy! The laughter yoga was great and had such a positive affect. The children are asking 'when can the laughter lady come back?!'
(Year 2) Northants
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