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What is KaiAmea Learning To Live?

‘KaiAmea Learning To Live’ provides a Progressive Self Development Programme that follows the child through from Reception to Key Stage 3 and can be picked up at any time.
The programme provides the child with:

  •  ‘Hands On’ experience and exploration into Human Values, Relationships, Emotions and Citizenship, fulfilling PHSCE & SEAL criteria.
  • the opportunity for reflection and for gaining insight into behaviour and its impact.

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Who is it for?

Currently ‘KaiAmea Learning To Live’ covers Reception years to Key Stage 3 aged children. Techniques, themes and values advance to accompany the maturity and development of the child.
Kay has delivered ‘KaiAmea Learning To Live’ to individual children, private groups of children and in mainstream schools. All children have experienced benefits from the material that reaches across the diversity of socio-cultural backgrounds and children’s abilities; helping children deal with experiences such as SAT stress and aiding children with learning disabilities.

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How often?

The Learning To Live Program can be picked up at any time and included into the curriculum. Individual sessions can be of benefit to address particular issues, for example ‘saying no to bullying’ or dealing with exam stress. However ‘how often?’ depends on:

  • The requirements of the school. Maximum recommendation: once weekly. Minimum recommendation once every half term. Individual sessions will have a benefit to the class, but for longer term results repeat sessions are beneficial.
  • Kay can work with the school in tailoring the Learning To Live Programme to incorporate the specific curriculum of the school for the academic year or term.
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