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Ever wondered what you’re really capable of?

So you have had one 2 one consultancy with Kay and perhaps attended a workshop.
Now if you want take your learning further and really get to grips with your self development here’s what’s involved.

The KaiAmea Self Development System is a progressive program which embodies an intense energy experience. Each course has its own manual. An individual is free to take one or as many subsequent levels as they wish, dependant on their aspirations and needs.

However, should the individual choose to advance and take further courses, it is compulsory that courses are taken in chronological order and there is a minimum six month gap between taking levels. This is necessary to allow for the assimilation of shifts within the individual’s health & vitality and life experiences following a course.

For more details on the courses and content please contact Kay @ The KaiAmea School.



For those with no previous experience of energy work, this course offers an intensive introduction to working with energy within the human aura. The course encompasses levels 1 and 2 of Reiki and other energy systems as well as KaiAmea in order to provide the student with a thorough foundation for future development.

Accredited OCN Level 3: £300.00

fireandice fire

Confidence, self esteem, breaking free from restriction

Intense energy work to remove blocked energy and restore balance to the body. Working with Tao enables the individual to understand and learn from the message of the body and its energy flow: Emphasis on breaking through restrictions of fear and limitation. Understanding how belief patterns and behaviours are created and the impact that these have on life experiences.

Tao Level One Accredited OCN Level 3: £320.00
Tao Level Two Accredited OCN Level 3: £320.00
Tao Level Three Accredited OCN Level 3: £350.00

fireandice ice

Balancing emotions & thoughts, self understanding,
personal growth & increased awareness

Emphasis on connection to the Earth and both understanding and balancing emotional energy. Having the courage to be yourself and having confidence in your self expression and removing deep set limiting perceptions and behaviour patterns.

Understanding and working with the concept of Angels: Techniques to develop perception and clarity of insights. Working with self doubt, understanding the impact of, and strengthening your relationship with ‘self.’

Salsor Level One: £380.00
Salsor Level Two: £380.00
Salsor Level Three: £400.00


Further self development, raising awareness
and perception

All levels include advanced energy work and meditation techniques. Emphasis on working with the Merkaba, energy portals and orbs. Increasing awareness and raising consciousness, its implications and impact. Working with and developing your potential: Exploration of the aspects of self. Working with Planetary awareness and working beyond the theory of ‘Time.’

Chiasor Level One: £420.00
Chiasor Level Two :£420.00
Chiasor Level Three: £480.00


Attune to the rhythm of Earth… attune to the rhythm of yourself…

Who is it for?
This course is for those who love crystals and want to incorporate them into their lives as a self development tool.

What is it?
The KaiAmea Crystal and Floral Therapy course combines traditional with new and innovative ways of working with the properties of crystals, wood and flowers. It involves twelve modules spread over an eighteen month period. On completion of the course an individual is eligible to take additional modules and train to become a registered Practitioner of KaiAmea Crystal and Floral Therapy .

Is it for me?
The aim of this course is to ensure that the individual deepens their connection to the energies of Earth and learns how to utilise these energies as Self Help Skills to unlock their own potential.

Accredited OCN Level 3

For more details contact Kay at the KaiAmea School 

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