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How does it aim to help children?

Kay has delivered one to one and group sessions to Reception through to Key Stage Three aged children.
Benefits can include:

  • Enhanced learning: greater levels of focus, listening and participation in class.
  • Promotion of good communication and relationships with peers.
  • Inner happiness and feelings of well being.
  • Feelings of calm & relaxation.
  • Increased confidence & self esteem.
  • Feeling self assured: secure with their sense of self, self expression and recognising their own capabilities.
  • Increased creativity and enhanced perception.

How does it benefit the school?

  • Contains PHSCE Themes & Values and encompasses curriculum criteria.
  • Each lesson plan explores the five aspects of SEAL:
    Managing Feelings
    Self Awareness
    Social Skills
  • Can result in children being calm and focused, confident, aware of themselves and others. Covers
  • ‘Healthy School Initiative’ in helping to create a positive learning environment and ‘Every Child Matters’
    (2004 Children’s Act 2004)
  • Provides strategies for children to manage their own emotions and stress.
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